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: benifits of calum on 200sx se-r???

03-19-2009, 01:33 AM
Hi Calum and and all the other nissan nuts,
I'm curious about the benifits I would get from installing a modded ECU to my 96' se-r.
I have done some basic bolt on mods,I.E.- CAI, Wide open exaust (Ported exaust ports, Headder, hollow cat, 2.5 flowmaster cat back). I also successfully removed the egr without throwing a code, all new seals, spark plugs wires ground straps, as well as some cosmetics to the engin bay.
The car has 196k on it!!!!!!! but it runs well good compression cams and such are still within spec-GOOD JOB NISSAN-
Any way would I benifit from a good basic d\b???
Could you give some specifics OR is there some one else here that has a similar setup with a modded ECU????
Please I could Use some insight on this my money is burning a hole in my pocket!!!!!

03-19-2009, 02:00 AM
well damn throw the money out your pocket then... preferrably east toward nyc...

03-20-2009, 10:37 AM
It isn't the daughterboard that's special, it's the program that's on it. I did a NA DE program for a B13 years ago, and have ported that to the B14, but never dyno'd it on the B14. On the B13 it saw good gains in the midrange and a peak gain of 8whp on a stock car. On a car with bolt-on peak gains were much smaller (like 2whp), but there was still a mid-range gain. That's to be expected- Nissan used really conservative timing in the mid-range. That's the same reason why just bumping your base timing from 15 to 17 degrees works so well on these cars.

03-22-2009, 12:46 AM
thanks calum
I'll bump up the timing. I was also going to try a O2 sensor bypass using a capacitor and a resistor i hope its works. From what I have read so far having that CEL on will result in the ECU running in a safe or "limp" mode.
All I am trying to do is sqeeze some extra HP's here and there with little cost.
I have another full sr20 sitting on a stand right now I hope to do a good N/A build this summer I will look to you for a ECU mod then there is a lot of possibilities right now so I'll let you know.....Time to tap some more knowledge from the forum...

04-05-2009, 12:18 PM
Update here: I will be looking to do a ECU program, but for right now i am dropping in a fresh sr20. The one in my wife's B14 runs but has a slight knock( be came worse after I hit the rev limiter):eek2: OOPS!!! Yes I am in the dog house for this one!!.:rolleyes: I think it's a wrist pin, or rod bearing.:( Oh well 198k isn't terrible so i will put that one on temporary disabilty. I am curious as to any programming that can be done for a possible high comp./ bore & stroke type N/A builds and thier corrosponding HP #'s. Well I'm off to check out some options for my rebuild........

04-14-2009, 07:37 PM
All is well w/ the 200 i've made good progress on removal of the motor fresh one is just about ready for install. I'm just toying with ideas while the motor out on a many possibilities. Any way I was offered a g20 w/ auto trans blown up sr20 in it, but free for the taking!!!!! Any one know about swapability??? Calum can you use the auto trans g20 ecu and reprogram for my 200 manual?? Also im thinkin about nitrous on this build theres a dodge neon club that hangs out next to my place all the time id like to show their turboed sxt's a thing about good N/A engineering as opposed to turoing a neon like my grandma has....