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: Calum...I'm struggling

04-08-2009, 12:35 PM
Been trying to find out if i have the right .bin for my set up. I've compared several .bins and all of them are supposed to be for the z32 maf but the VQ maps are all different. Which one is right? Also am I looking for a det .bin or a de .bin? I'm running my de ecu with a u13 bluebird motor, 520cc @.4 bar and a z32 maf. I've looked all over for another 520cc .bin but to no avail. Been reading for about 4 hours now about xdf, bin, launch control, TP, VQ, and I seem to be getting nowhere. Also I have an xdf labeled 6E...b14 sr20de, and I wanted to make sure it's the right one for my set up. Please help. I have a moates here, just need help figuring out the editing and what's right and wrong.

PS How do I find my k value to use your formula for new injectors?? Had hexworkshop but it expired.