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: NA KA24DE Tune

04-14-2009, 05:56 PM

My name is Adam and I have been emailing you concerning the NA ka going into my car. I have been emailing you from I know that you had stated that you never dealt with a higher compression KA. I figure you have been busy so hopefully i am not bugging you too much. With that said after reading threads and talking to some tunners I concluded the following:

1. Though I have a turbo MAP setup for 450cc injectors and a N60 MAf; I have been told that I better off starting off with a stock tune; I however have the following concerns:

Will the Car start with a N60 MAF and bigger injectors with the stock tune on the ECU?
Will it start with a after market fuel pump

If the will then I should be good to go. If not I would look for a KA tune with a N60 maf and fuel pump and have the tuner start from there. If I can start with the turbo tune then I would like to know that as well. If it helps to talk over the phone I would be open to do that just let me know a time and date you are free. Again I dont mean to be persistent I am very close to putting the car together and want to have my ducks in a row.

Just in case anybody else wants to chime in. I have the following setup

Rebuilt KA. Hope to acheive 170-180 whp with no issues or concerns about it s reliability.

SOHC pistons (raising the compression to 11:1)
248/248 exhaust cam swap
N60 Map
Deatsch works 450cc inhectors
Walboro Pulley
OBX Header
Underdrive pulley (not sure if I will be using it or not)
Ebay intake
Calum ECU
LC-1 wideband
flywheel, clutch, and short shifter

Thanks Again


04-14-2009, 08:49 PM
Hi Adam,

No prob, post questions here.

The 450 injectors are really way to big for an NA application.

You've really got two hurdles-

1-I've never worked with those injectors
2-I've never worked with a high compression KA.

There's not much I can do about #2, but for #1 would you consider changing the injectors? The largest injector I've worked with on a NA engine is the stock DET 370 injector, but with the setup your describing you could even run just fine on the stock KA injector.

04-14-2009, 09:11 PM
You could always get a R/T ECU and go to dyno, (use smaller injectors) start with a stock tune as baseline, and tune it to your setup?

04-15-2009, 12:00 AM
I understand about not dealing with the High compression part.

I will double check but at this point due to my horsepower goals it maybe worth while to switch to the 370cc and stock MAF and tune ut. I have talked to other people that have done NA and they said the injectors are fine. However lets just say I stick with a stock MAF and injectors. Will the tunner be able to handle the higher compression side of things between the basemap and the wideband hooked up on the car?

Regardless if it is ok I will give you a call tommrrow night

04-15-2009, 12:07 AM
for reference here are the threads I have been reading through

thanks again for your patience and putting up with the multiple inquries

05-31-2009, 12:54 AM
Let me add a chime here. :) (It's my bi-monthly checkin time)

I am running a similar KA N/A setup with Calum's RT and I'm using the Nismo 480cc (though really more like 440cc) injectors. My reason for these injectors is because I plan on going turbo in the future, very soon now. And, I'm running E85. I'm putting down somewhere between 160 and 170HP. (I dynoed at 160 on gas last year). My duty cycles are still up in the low 70% range at peak load because of the E85. I'm going to run a Nismo FPR for a 4 bar fuel pressure setup that should hopefully bring my DC's back down a little bit.

My point in telling you this is that if you plan on doing anything in the future, after your buildup, i.e. turbo, E85, or something else. The extra fueling headroom won't hurt. On a side note, my engine ran unquestionably better after the injector swap in spite of the fact that they are higher flowing injectors. This tells me that worn or used injectors do deteriorate in performance without you maybe knowing it. My stock KA injectors had about 70K on them.

05-31-2009, 02:49 AM
I recommend at least 1000cc injectors with E85 if going turbo.It didnt take much to get my 780cc injectors to hit 80% dc on E70 with a 50 trim T3/T04E keeping max boost under 1 Bar.I'm running a Walbro 255lph HP in-tank fuel pump also.

This is for S13 KA24DE btw.

05-31-2009, 06:42 PM
Yeah I can see that I underestimated the amount of additional fuel that would be required with E85. I'm hoping to be able to keep it below 85% with 4bar fuel pressure and 6 to 7psi with a GT2871. We'll see :)