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: S14 ka24det RT help.

04-15-2009, 09:02 PM

I have the newest XDF from you and have read some posts about the issue I am having. You can also read about it in my post here:

In short. At about 25% throttle, any gear, about 20-25 TP my engine leans out to anywhere from 16-18+ afrs.
I have messed with E200 and E230, but no changes that I can see or feel have happened.

Help me out if you can, its a pretty annoying issue.
Ive tried calling you a couple times, I understand that your busy though.

P.s. I have the RT board in an auto ecu in my car which is 5spd. I only have the minimal sensors hooked up. Speed sensor and backup.
I found out that my car thinks its in 5th all the time when no matter what gear I was in it would stop revs at 5200. Fixed it through the 5th gear rev limit parameter.
My auto ecu in my 5spd may be an issue after all?