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05-14-2009, 11:39 PM
i realize this has nothing to do with Calum, but figured someone looking on this forum could help, i just downloaded and purchased Nissan Datascan and feel like im useless *** i cant get it to acivate, anyone else have this problem? all my info is correct (email addy) but i still get this email for a reply.

"Sorry, your E-mail address is not on the database of registered users.Please send the e-mail from your registered account. Regards,NDS registration server"

its kind of ridiculous since my car is at the dyno shop and now im holding him up *** of this bs! any help would be great guys, ive emailed their support but we'll see if i get a response, thanks again

05-14-2009, 11:56 PM
also im still a little confused (after reeading a few times) exactly what i have to do once i finally get datascan it simple to start map tracing or do i have to punch in some of the values Calum posted? it just doesnt make sense to me im very new to this stuff, just want to make it work and not sure exactly what to do, got tunerpro and conzult figured out now if i could only get this to work i should be rockin, thanks for your help guys, BTW im working with a B13 realtime ECU,