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: Any new CalumSult updates?

05-15-2009, 02:25 AM
Just wondering :) I'm still using Calumsult TP Beta combined with logworks3 for my S13 KA-T, but it would be nice if an update was released with (several)extra spots for streaming data from the consult table.

I was thinking something like letting us fill some blanks like name,conversion factor, and index.

With the current version I keep jacking the channel meant for B/Fuel Sched and using it for TP(LSB) and several others I'm experimenting with and logging what they are doing(or not doing :rolleyes: ) with Logworks.

I know you are a busy man Calum, but when you get a break you think you can cook something up real quick??

I promise anything useful I may discover to make it available to the public...

Thanks in advance!
Realtime ecu customer,