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: Looking for help with tunerpro/data scan

05-22-2009, 10:28 PM

Me and my tuner where having issues with getting tuner pro to make the changes we thought should get a result in the software. The tuner requested some sort of ability to map trace so we can see what cells the tuner pro is running in. I then purchased DataScan so we could use the Map trace function and get a reference to where we are in the fuel and timing maps.

For some reason we can not get the MAP trace function in both fuel and timing to come off the first cell axis, it will only regester RPM increments, but not change versus TPS or load.

We have verified in the dash section of data scan that we are getting TPS,MAF, and RPM feed back, but the MAP trace will not come off its Minimum RPMvsTPS Axis.

Any help to get this sorted would be a huge help.