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: I need my ECU done for VE-T swap

05-29-2009, 09:12 AM
I have posted a few times,but never got any response. I figure i'll try one more time before I go another route. I have heard good things about the R/T boards and would like to use it. I have both B13 ECU's and Pulsar ECU's so I can send either one. My car is almost ready and this is my missing link. My specs are SR20VE-T with SR16 cams,83lb injectors, Z32 maf, and upgraded T28. That's it. I used the e-manage on my Pulsar motor with good results, but want to try your R/T program on my VE-T. If you can give me a call my # is 954 665 4911 so I can give you more details. I do alot of SR20's and would like to start using your R/T ECU's in my customer's cars instead of the e-manage. I understand how busy you are and hope to hear from you.