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: 90 240SX

08-24-2009, 10:27 PM
I have a 90 240SX with a 92 KA-T swapped into it.
Now it's been "on the build" for three years....a long story of doing it myself, getting ripped off by three differant mechanics..bla bla bla. BUT now my baby's running and running STRONG!! I'm SO PROUD.
It doesn't look to swift, I admit; but it runs like a scaulded dog WITH my CalumSult ECU I bought two years ago.
I sent it to Calum with explanation of the adds and he NAILED it. :-)
It idles GREAT, runs smooth and has more than enough power for stock internals!!
I just wanted to post, after all this time to let you all and especially Calum how happy I am!!!
It'll be "pretty" asap, but for now to jump in and drive is just such a p;easure.
THANKS, Calum!!!:biggthump

Daddy Rick

92 KA bored .020 over
T3/T4 Hybrid
10lb waste gate
Type S BOV
Cobra MAF
Walbro 255
650cc squirts
CalumSult ECU
Factory LSD
3" exhaust
2.5" plumbing

Build slide show: