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: S14 Kat, Idle afrs high and rough with a/c off.

08-25-2009, 01:58 PM
Let me start out saying I've been running a Jwt ecu for over 12k miles with a Garrett S15 t28 spec-r @8psi with no problems. Idled perfect 14.7, cruise at 14.7 ,full boost at 11.3 or so afrs. I decide to up the boost so I swapped fuel rails with 550cc sards, installed a z32 maf and a efispecialist tuned ecu for my future hy35w install. Well the drives great throughout the full range, but at idle with a/c off the afrs go off the scale on my aem wideband and the cars runs a little rough and the idle flucuates up and down. Well when I turn my a/c on the afrs come down to around 17 to 18 and the rough idle isn't so bad. This can be turned off and on with the flip of the a/c switch. My question is does anybody know why? Is this characteristic with this setup? I am thinking of buying a moates burn2 and toying with tune alittle. What would I change that would effect this?