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: Introducing me as a member

02-15-2012, 08:16 PM
Hello guys:

My name is Alex and I'm from Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, I have my car which is a Nissan Lucino GSE originally equipped with the SR20DE, something rare because here in Mx GSE's (200sx SE) came with GA16, but mine was an exception. I have had the car about 2 years ago, last year on December I made the VE swap and I'm really happy because that, my set up is:

SR20VE 24,300Km
Custom made Intake (SRI) 3"
ECU with repro (vvl solenoids activates at 4700rpm and rpms limiter is at 8k, launch control full setable)
SSAC reply header
Custom made catback 3"
Magnaflow exhaust 3" in & out
Exedy replacement clutch
Reinforced tranny with LSD

Everything on my blue-purple B14 '96 with 132k kms on it...

So I hope to be welcome and helped with any details and I hope to learn more about VE motors and mods to do it, cause I actually run 1/4 and 1/8 mile drag races and I'd like to take all the power from my NEO VVL.