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How to post pictures - Read before you ask questions!

Ok, I realize there's quite a few of you who aren't sure how to post pics, so read this before you ask.

First of all you cannot link a picture off your hard drive, so don't try that, it wont work. You will need to upload the picture to a server that will allow picture hosting. Here's a few of them, as I find more, I'll add them to the list: - one of my favorites - works well - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't - Pretty good one - Please also consider supporting the SR20 Forum! For short money, you get image hosting as well as a number of other things. Please see this link for more info and to sign up.

Once you have the picture uploaded you take the link of the picture, and you click this button : When you click the button, a prompt window will appear:

Simply paste the link of the picture and press "OK"

This will now show up as the link surrounded by [IMG] tags.

Thats all you need to do. If you want to post a picture in the quick reply box, you will have to manually enter the [IMG] tags to the link of the picture.

Please note, there are some websites which will not allow image hosting, such as Geocities, this will give you a red X, and people will complain.

Now that you read this, post some pictures already!

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