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Savage Green
??? if it came with a package, its long been stolen or deteriorated
i got it for free because i needed a car, my uncles car originally. Read so many posts on the b14 here that i might as well start my own account. I worked on this car as means of having a way better looking ride than i could afford upfront. As if i did payments on it, only im not being hassled by some finance company to pay up if im late.
1997 Nissan Sentra (Savage Green)


it was so greasy and dirty from all of the oil everywhere. Caked, actually. I power Washed it, scooped out what i could with rags and, a pencil (yeah i know, a wooden pencil)... then with what i was left with, was this..... <---- This engine bay now has a Strut tower Bar.
all stock... from other sentra's haha. this car had so many things missing.
Horrifying.. been pulled over before because this is how i drive it. Donut and All.. <------ that was what i input before. now i have done body work, replaced both front and rear bumpers from a 98, added a spoiler from a 98 and installed a roof rack. Grille from a 99. The body got a mix of at least 7 different car colors mixed into it, the two main colors being Cypress Green (typically in Civics) and Forest Green (Always on Fords). Amber Turn Signals and Yellow Fogs. i did all of them modifications myself.
n/a. does not even have a radio....<---- that was what i wrote before. now i got a new JVC radio in it and Alpine speakers from the junkyard.
all factory..... <---- that was what i wrote before. Now i got new front and rear struts. i bought new upper strut mounts and the lower strut mounts i used "prothane" in red, sheets, i found on ebay. i cut them out into circles and used them as strut seats. everything else i searched for ES bushings as much as i could. Rear got a sway bar by Whiteline. here on the forum very little spoken of it, but hey, its better to have it than not, right?? Also went to West End Alightment, got the rear beam done by Darrin Himself
Wheel and Tire
factory wheels. its pretty sad.<---- thats what i wrote before. now it has some sort of Volk Racing or maybe some other kind of knock off of it. i found them on The dude posted up crappy pictures of them & he would not answer very quickly, so i was persistant to go see check them out until he gave up being lazy & we met up at an Albertsons Grocery store parking lot and i saw them, i knew they were good so i bought them for $200.00. the guy said he had a roommate move out and leave a lot of junk rustled around, newspapers & clothes, under all of that there were these rims.. Tires are Radials from a cheap brand named Kenda.



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