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The car is a GLE Sentra from Arizona and has virtually no rust. Acquired from a client that wanted to sell it for scrap metal due to the GA16DE spraying coolant from the head casting. Maybe JB Weld would have fixed it. I didn't realize the leak but the seller told me it had a blown head gasket. I replaced the head gasket only to have later discovered the pinhole leak. Decided to go full throttle and do an SE-R conversion. Received a 2001 roller rocket SR20DE from a parts yard sort of as a mistake but it also came with the 2001 computer, wireharness, radiator, and many other things I had to buy a parts car to get.
1997 Nissan Sentra (White)


2001 roller rocker type SR20. Used many low port parts from the 200sx to make it work. Found JWT comp in the parts car and use it with the basic pop charger tune. Also use a JWT pop charger from the parts car. S3R camshafts from JWT. Lightweight flywheel and high performance clutch from JGY. JGY transmission rebuilt with ATS LSD, cryo treat, shotpeening, and case welding. Prothane mounts except dogbone mount. At one time I used solid JGY dogbone and it was too rough but I lost the brass insert from the prothane part so it's a factory style dogbone.
Made a nice wooden shifter cover. Car was auto but now standard. Custom headliner made since some sides of the factory one were sagging down. Used RPM and MPH gauge from SE-R car to show higher redline and top speed. Also required speed sensor from SE-R. Added clutch pedal because car used to be auto. In the trunk I widened the spare tire well to fit a full sized spare tire and made a 3/8" plywood floor with a hinged door to access the tire
SE-R Front bumper with factory fogs. Re-painted car including mirrors and door handles. SE-R trunk lid with spoiler. Undercoat the entire floor. Have 18" TSW wheels and tires but do not use them because they are much heavier than the 15" factory wheels that I used from a 200sx parts car I bought to do the SE-R conversion
Kenwood CD/mp3 deck with added bluetooth functionality. Infinity 2ohm speakers. Completely wired for subwoofer but with the raised floor in the trunk the sub box will not fit so I may build a custom box.
Added (suspected) ST suspensions sway bar but had to fabricate linkages and it's difficult to find the real ST ones. Stainless steel brake hoses taken from parts car. Parts car had cut springs but bilstein shocks so I took those shocks and put them into the factory strut springs.
Wheel and Tire
Car came with 14" GLE wheels. Currently using 15" SE-R wheels from part car. Have 18" TSW Trophy wheels but two are out of round a little bit and cost $135 each to repair. TSWs also need new tires due to slow leaks, but it could be from the bead being slightly out of round. Don't intend on using the TSWs because they are twice the weight of the factory wheels but the contact patch is much better. May also take some cutting so they don't rub around hard turns


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