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  1. Classic SE-R
    I currently have a 93 xe and I wanted to install the ser inner tail lights. I have the lights and the wire harness. but when I cut the harness I cut where they intersection between main plug near the seats, and the ones that go to the tail lights. I have pictures. I know that was really dumb...
  2. Lame-free General SR20
    After a decade apart from my B13 SE-R (and the community), we've been reunited. I have to clear out my storage space and I'm wondering if there is any demand for B13 interior parts?
  3. Cars for Sale
    Looking to buy b13 Se-R. Preferably California, but surrounding states will work as well.
  4. General SR20
    Ive been looking at different front bumper conversions since I cant get my hands on the sunny front bumber and I have stumbled across a B13 with a N14 front bumper. How difficult is it to make it fit? Do i have to get the whole front end or side panels?
  5. Classic SE-R
    Guys, I have Nissan B13(GA16DE) and I have problem with CMP sensor with code RSB 10, can anyone help me to get CMP sensor were similar with existing sensor? may be anyone had been tested with RSB 14 or use CMP sensor for RB25DET? But In Indonesia is hard to find this part except you want to buy...
  6. Nissan Sentra B13

    This is my daily driven Sentra with SR20DE swap.
1-6 of 6 Results