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  1. New Members
    Hey everyone, super new here. My account is anyway. I figure I'll jump right in. I've got a '96 Sentra GA16DE and am trying to get some information together before I pull the trigger on an NX2K brake upgrade for it. I've searched high and low and there are TONS of threads on this subject, I...
  2. General SR20
    Hi all, Sorry, still bit of a newbie and apologize if this is the wrong place. Just wondering if anyone would know where the fuel pump relay is located on the 1992 Pulsar X1R (GA16DE). Right hand drive from the JDM market. Thanks heaps!😊
  3. Classic SE-R
    Guys, I have Nissan B13(GA16DE) and I have problem with CMP sensor with code RSB 10, can anyone help me to get CMP sensor were similar with existing sensor? may be anyone had been tested with RSB 14 or use CMP sensor for RB25DET? But In Indonesia is hard to find this part except you want to buy...
1-3 of 3 Results