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  1. General SR20
    hey guys sitting with a small problem, not sure if its the tranny/TOB/ drive shaft bearing , pilot bearing etc New throw out bearing with clutch kit about 4 months old, fitted the tranny back in everything went smooth for about 3 months ( no noise etc ) afew weeks back tranny starting making a...
  2. NeoVVL Guides
    Hi All, Can someone please advise me in the following, I took over a project from my Father who Passed away Sep 2018, Car: 1984 Suzuki SJ410 Tintop Engine: Nissan Sr20VE neo VVL Blacktop (FWD engine) Gearbox: SR20 CB71C (I think its from a SX200) (RWD Box) also thinking of trading it for a...
1-2 of 2 Results