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  1. New Members
    Looking for a radiator core support assembly, fan housing, radiator, and hood- for a 2001 p11. Seems to only be new parts for sale right now and cant find a local parts car to pull from. contact via email [email protected] thanks
  2. Lame-free General SR20
    Hello guys! Is there anyone who made an engine swap in a sunny n14 sedan? I would like to swap my old GA16DS engine to SR20DE(or T), but I don't know where to start. I mean in Hungary there are no GTI-r or GTR-s, to get an engine, just primera-s ( p11 mostly). Is it possible to get out the parts...
  3. Lame-free General SR20
    Gidday all! first time on the forums so go easy :) I have a b13 nx coupe that's been swapped with an p11 primera sr20 low port, ukdm. The old dog won't start after a cold snap. Things I've checked: - Has spark, have tested all leads and plugs, no worries, dizzy cap is allgoods. battery...
1-3 of 3 Results