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  1. Classic SE-R
    I currently have a 93 xe and I wanted to install the ser inner tail lights. I have the lights and the wire harness. but when I cut the harness I cut where they intersection between main plug near the seats, and the ones that go to the tail lights. I have pictures. I know that was really dumb...
  2. Cars for Sale
    Looking to buy b13 Se-R. Preferably California, but surrounding states will work as well.
  3. Cars for Sale
    Hi All, I’m selling my low mileage (75,500 miles) 1991 NX2000 on Bring A Trailer. since this is my first post here, I am not allowed to post the auction link. Feel free to look it up on Bring A Trailer, auction ends next Monday 3/9/20. Thanks for looking!
1-3 of 3 Results