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  1. Nissan sunny b12

    Nissan sunny b12 is getting an upgrade to SR20DE
  2. General SR20
    hey guys sitting with a small problem, not sure if its the tranny/TOB/ drive shaft bearing , pilot bearing etc New throw out bearing with clutch kit about 4 months old, fitted the tranny back in everything went smooth for about 3 months ( no noise etc ) afew weeks back tranny starting making a...
  3. General SR20
    Alright lads, doing a sr20de swap into a k11 from a Primera p11 GT. doing a standalone DIY ECU and cannot for the life of me find the ECU pinout. nor the two connectors pinout besides which intertwines the chassis to the engine loom. any links and help would be much appreciated as I'm getting...
  4. Engine Management & Tuning
    i have a car i am doing coil on plug & cam angle sensor from a p12, & the customer provided a s13 sr20det ecu. is this possible? anyone done this? if so please shoot me a message asaap or something! thank you! just trying to figure out exactly where the cam angle sensor wires too with the four...
  5. Lame-free General SR20
    Hello guys! Is there anyone who made an engine swap in a sunny n14 sedan? I would like to swap my old GA16DS engine to SR20DE(or T), but I don't know where to start. I mean in Hungary there are no GTI-r or GTR-s, to get an engine, just primera-s ( p11 mostly). Is it possible to get out the parts...
  6. Front Page News & Polls
    S13, sr20de not original motor I’m currently needing a new ps tensioner as mine is whining, locally my Nissan parts dep cannot find the part I am after and I’m just curious is the tensioner from the DET motor is the same as the DE motor and where can I source one
1-6 of 7 Results