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  1. General SR20
    Hey guys does anybody know if n15 sss pulsar sr20det parts fit an nx-r like front mounted intercooler or turbo kits?
  2. SR20DE Technical Corner
    Hi guys im practically new here, can someone help me, I've been working on my sr20det swapped datsun 510, the swap is fairly done, tested it for about 2-3 weeks but suddenly the engine won't go pass 3k rpm. The engine just cut off and lot of smoke comin out from the exhaust when revved while...
  3. Sheila

    This is where she had sat for over a year outside with the key in the ignition. The guy who i left it with had three years to change a bottom end and took my original SR repaired it then sold it and left it here outside his garage like this
1-3 of 3 Results