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  1. General SR20
    I bought a turnkey notchtop sr swap about 4 months ago and have since installed arp head studs, head gasket, nismo 740cc injectors, z32 maf, walbro 255lph pump, and a few other goodies. We finally got the motor to run last week but noticed it was running extraordinarily rich at...
  2. General SR20
    This is my first post from Japan. There have been many great discussions on this forum for a long time, and I am very impressed. Now for the main topic. I tried to read ROM data from an ECU with a daughter board using NDS (NISSAN DATA SCAN) the other day. The daughter board is a classic one...
  3. SR20DE Technical Corner
    there is a small trickling noise in my sr20 when it’s cooling down sounds just like coolant circulating, but someone told me to do a head gasket test the one where the liquid changes colour and I did it and the liquid changed indicating the gasket was gone but then I done it again a few minutes...
  4. Front Page News & Polls
    S13, sr20de not original motor I’m currently needing a new ps tensioner as mine is whining, locally my Nissan parts dep cannot find the part I am after and I’m just curious is the tensioner from the DET motor is the same as the DE motor and where can I source one
  5. SR20DE Technical Corner
    I have the stock s13 SR20DET intake manifold. I have a standalone ECU with a MAP sensor integrated into the unit. The stock manifold only has 3 vacuum sources. The brake booster (On rear plenum), FPR and BOV (On throttle body). I am running a brake booster delete kit running on pure hydraulics...
  6. Engine Management & Tuning
    I'm trying to adjust my fuel pressure regulator (turbosmart 800). I have jumped the fuel relay and started to adjust it but can only get 30psi max. I thought with the relay jumped it should be adjusted to 43.5psi. Is this correct base pressure 43.5psi Idle 38.psi Full throttle. Base pressure...
  7. General SR20
    Hi guys. Just rebuilt my sr with forged internals, also had the head polished and ported as well as having new valve guides and stem seals. Had the seats and valves re cut at the same time. My turbo was rebuilt at the same time and had been running an oil pressure reg since. My issue is...
  8. General SR20
    I have a 1998 blacktop sr20det, with a t28 turbo. It needs a tune pretty badly at the moment, which I’ll be doing hopefully in a couple weeks, tuned to 12 psi. I was also going to switch to 555cc injectors. This is my daily car, will this be reliable? How much hp will I produce? Any help would...
  9. New Members
    Hey guys, new member here. Where can I get an SR20 engine rebuilt on the West Coast? I live in Oregon and have a 94’ S13 with a (most likely) blown motor... Thank you!
  10. SR20DE Technical Corner
    Hey guys, I really need some help. I bought a rebuilt sr20det and swapped it into my 89 240sx. I am ripping my hair out trying to figure out what my problem is. The motor will crank and crank and sounds like it is almost to the point of starting but it doesn't. Ive physically pulled the fuel...
  11. General SR20
    I need to upgrade my alternator on my 180sx, would it be safe to just take the factory alternator to a local shop to increase the amps or is it more recommended to buy an aftermarket one
1-11 of 11 Results