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  1. Nissan shops on the West Coast/SR20 engine rebuilds?

    New Members
    Hey guys, new member here. Where can I get an SR20 engine rebuilt on the West Coast? I live in Oregon and have a 94’ S13 with a (most likely) blown motor... Thank you!
  2. SR20DET has spark, fuel, perfect timing, and compression but no start?!

    SR20DE Technical Corner
    Hey guys, I really need some help. I bought a rebuilt sr20det and swapped it into my 89 240sx. I am ripping my hair out trying to figure out what my problem is. The motor will crank and crank and sounds like it is almost to the point of starting but it doesn't. Ive physically pulled the fuel...
  3. Increasing Stock Alternator amps

    General SR20
    I need to upgrade my alternator on my 180sx, would it be safe to just take the factory alternator to a local shop to increase the amps or is it more recommended to buy an aftermarket one