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  1. Turbo
    Hello all, I'm new here. Figured this problem i've been having should be shared to the forums. So recently I upgraded my turbo from the APEXI AX53B70 to the newly designed MMP NS400 Turbo. (.86 exhaust and .63 AR T2 stock replacement turbo pretty much.) After changing the turbo, I obviously...
  2. General SR20
    Hey all......I'm new to the SR20 world and need help sourcing a engine that will work for a FWD Pulsar. I am wanting to swap the GA16 out of a N14 Pulsar for a SR20.......but I have never heard of a factory FWD SR20DET powered car to rip the engine and box from?, Surely there must be one I am...
  3. General SR20
    I have a 1998 blacktop sr20det, with a t28 turbo. It needs a tune pretty badly at the moment, which I’ll be doing hopefully in a couple weeks, tuned to 12 psi. I was also going to switch to 555cc injectors. This is my daily car, will this be reliable? How much hp will I produce? Any help would...
1-3 of 3 Results