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Hi, so just got my car back after it has been parked up for a couple of months now..

Idle is up and down and there is a lot of smoke coming from exhaust..
Just wondering what you might think the problem is..

Ive uploaded a link to video..

Any help is appreciated.. :)

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Does it do that everytime you start it or just that time because it sat for so long?

Things to check before starting a car that sat for many months. Is intake air filter. Any holes. ? Mice squirrel nuts etc, does turbo spool ?

That looks like coolant burning or water that gathered in the exhaust over time from rain, moisture etc

Check for oil smell in fuel and also your coolant level just in case

General rule
Black smoke = running rich
Blue smoke = burning oil
White smoke = burning coolant
Grayish smoke = bad turbo
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