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1972 Datsun 510 *sr20det inside* 56K Warning

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This 510 is very close to running. I just don't have the patience or time to mess with it at this point in time. I am buying a new house!

Bre bubble fenders (F/R)
Fiberglass lift off hood
Fiberglass rear decklid
Vintage Libre racing wheels (13x7s) 235s in the back
Momo steering wheel (nitrous and two step buttons)
Corvette bucket seats
Autometer oil, water, and boost gauges (mechanical 2 5/8")
Racing rear view mirror
toggle accessory and ignition switches
Greddy turbo timer
Beautiful 10 gallon fuel cell
large volume fuel pump
DET longlock with custom motor/ transmission mounts.
custom Front Mount Intercooler
Aluminum cool pipe (intercooler to throttle body)
Steel braid fuel line
Steel braid oil feed and return line
Engine management/Fuel
DFI stage VI standalone ECU (map sensor)
MSD 36 lb injectors
FTF fuel rail
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Along with these parts that are installed comes the stock exhaust manifold and a brand new T3 manifold (Mckinney Motorsports). Basically, there tons of money invested into parts and this 510 needs to find a new home. This car just needs a little tlc. I've got way too much invested into parts. I am looking to get $3900 dollars and buyer is to pick it up. I prefer cash but am also partial to trades.

It has a lot of stuff with it. Email me if you have any questions.
[email protected]

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The only words that come to mind are "DAYUMM"!

Great Job on the work you did get done before selling though. If I had the money I would snatch this up quick!
HOllllllly **** that thing is awesome. The install looks nice man just needs to be finished obviously, to bad you ain't up for it and I don't have the cash :(. GL
what kind of suspension setup? Where are you located?
What kind of turbos are those? Do they come with the car also? I noticed it was not on the list.
What kind of condition is the chassis in? Where are you located? I'm interested but only if it's a rust free chassis. Rust is evil.
Location, Location, Location!!! :)

Jim, looking to corner the RWD market I see---- Jim (shoes59), let Steve and I have the fun w/ this one :)
Judging by the roofs in the back ground, this is a west coast car, but I could be wrong.....
seeing how his name is azg20t I would assume he is in arizona
He is my best friend. Live in Phoenix AZ.
The car comes with out a turbo. For some this is good and others not so good. The beauty is theat there are the two manifolds to chose from. This is a project don't get me wrong however the body is in excellent condtion. For a wile I was debating doing a high compression n/a setup but that fizzled. There isnn't any crazy suspension or coil overs on the car. Its just basic springs and sturts up front and shocks in the back.

damn dude this is making me want to go datsun!!! thats a great deal... how much money do you think to get it running. 2k maybe, that thing looks like a electrical nightmare inside! but who cares!

i might be getting back to you on that! i live in cali and no smog would be great!!!

i have 5k in cash coming to me really soon. and would not mind driving that thing home. give me alittle more info on what you call a "project"
i also own a 1965 chevy nova 2dr hard top with a sb350 and th350, and a 92 nissan sentra se-r and a sr20ve

if your interested in any of that stuff
sr20veb13 said:
i also own a 92 nissan sentra se-r and a sr20ve
How much do you want for the se-r?
i am not going to sell it i dont think. its not worth it too me to sell it.. its alittle banged up on the outside and i love that car... im not reaady to let her go... sorry
Can I ask you what size lines you used for teh water and fuel?
when i come to arizona, ill buy the shell, the first day i get there....i want a 510, in ohio they dont exist...think about it ;)
you know what, ill take a student loan out and buy it off you...serioulsy...
If you throw in a t25 and hook it up and make it run, I'd be willing to consider trading my 1991 SE-R with VE (19K on motor). In addition to what's listed in my sig, I've got a Fujitsubo header coming and a JWT VE ECU and Maxima MAF that I'll throw in.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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