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I'm considering buying a 1991 Sentra-SER.
It's got 235,000 miles! but the engine still feels and runs good - no smoke, etc.
My real concern is that the owner had a replacement 5-speed installed and it was
shifting into all gears initially, then it stopped engaging 5th gear.

His mechanic says that he must have installed the wrong clutch/pressure plate/bearing
kit when he installed the transmission, but I don't know if that sounds logical. He
claims that installing the correct kit should enable 5th gear again.

Also, the 'Anti-Lock Brake' light on the instrument cluster stays on. Supposedly,
this began immediately after the transmission was replace and the owner's spoken
to two other mechanics who indicated that it probably has to do with the transmission
issue. Does this sound likely to you?

I can probably get the car for 1900$. The body is in very good condition and the
interior needs cleaning but is in fair condition.

Any info you can provide regarding the tranny and abs issuse would be greatly appreciated.
I've always liked the SER, but don't know much about their quirks, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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THE source of SE-R info is

Ever hear of the famed "5th gear popout" problem with the 91-94 SE-Rs? Read ALL about it at

More info from

Fifth (5th) gear has started to pop out going down the highway?!!
Corey Slovick ([email protected])
The consensus has been that this 5th gear problem is caused by people resting their hand on the shifter while cruising at highway speeds. Nissan explains that the cars pop out of gear due to a bent shift fork, usually only caused by this constant pressure on the shifter. Shift forks don't bend from hard shifts, they break. They only bend under constant pressure.


Lawrence Weeks ([email protected])

Nissan has changed/redesigned several components of our transmission. One part is the fifth input gear, which if manufactured or designed with improper tolerances could easily cause the problems we have had.
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