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Okay i was checking out Courtesy Nissans site and i was gonna order
cap & rotor but noticed this on the list page:

IGN. ROTOR sr20de 2.0
from 11/1994 - 09/1997

IGN. ROTOR sr20de 2.0
from 10/1997 and up

and the same with the cap.
egr pipes different. clutch diff too? courtesy lists 3 diff ones. what else is diff?
i know my car is the 10/1997 but
as far as the motor ???
its been replaced w/ another sr20de
before i bought the car. so my question is anybody know the difference
between the caps,rotors,egr pipe? or have pics showing ur rotor w/ ur year?
or just basicly pin point what year is what? im just trying to find out what
year the motor is....any usefull input please....thanks :confused:
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