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1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R turbo

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I have decided to sell my 1996 200sx SE-R. It has 78,xxx miles on it, the BB DET has 12,xxx on it since installed in july of 02. I want $5,750 O.B.O.

The car has a check engine light. It needs both o2 sensors and the light will go away. The EGR codes are also coming up. The clutch is in need of replacement. It drives fine, but the clutch slips under hard acceleration.

I am keeping all of my gauges, boost controller and slicks. The t28 turbo, Jim Wolf Tech. cams, and Nismo FPR all have less than 4K miles on them. The car needs a paint job, as I have done all body work. It didnt have any rust, just small door dings.

The car ran a best time last October of [email protected] with a slipping clutch at 14psi of boost

This car has a water damaged title. Everything works great.
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The mods are...


…370cc injectors
…8.5:1 compression
…oil squirters
…t25 turned t28 turbo
JWT S3 cams
JWT ecu
…4 bar fuel pressure
…bored maf
Nismo FPR
JGY 2.5” down pipe
2.5” test pipe
2.5” cat back
Forge FMIC
Warlboro 255LPH HP fuel pump
Energy suspension
…motor mounts
…shifter bushings
ACT HD SS clutch kit
AD22vf brake upgrade
Eibach pro kit
KYB struts/shocks
Motegi wheels(17x7)
Bridgestone Potensa tires.
Welded tranny case
Pioneer dehp-9200
Rockford Fosgate mids and tweeters
Front and rear strut tower bars
NX2000 radiator
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Dang Mang.......
ya that is a good deal. why ya sellin it...if you dont mind me askin'?

I am interested, where in KY do you live
I live near cincinnati ohio. I am selling it because i dont drive it enough to justify paying for the insurance. Also i want a s14.
I can say i have spent over 14K on this car, with 5Kof that being last year. Someone buy it.
Do you think it would make it to IL on the clutch, and is it very diffivult to hook-up the gauges and all of that. I am not familiar with turbo charged cars
I've driven and helped do the swap in this car.

I can vouch that if I had the money I'd buy it. Brian replaced about everything after he bought it and it had flood damage. You wouldn't even know it now unless he told you.

Bump for a fast clean car.

I would think it would be ok to make it up there. I have driven it over 800 miles since the clutch started slipping. It doesnt always slip, just when you really hammer it. I could leave the gauges all installed and sell the whole car as is for 6,000. I am in no hurry to sell it, so let me know.

Chris, thanks for the bump. i havent drove the car since that day i let you drive it.

*correction* In the mods list, it states there is a pioneer CD player. That isnt there, I overlooked it in the list and forget to delete it. There is no radio right now, but i will have a factory deck installed by the weekend.

I am keeping the dual stage boost controller. I can give you the drag slicks,(Mickey Thompson 22x8x15) mounted on stock wheels for 250 more, or 6250. Let me know.
I don't think i will be able to come up with the cash very soon. I will see what i can do. I might be able to get over there during spring break.
will ya sell me the drag slicks?:) ill talk to my gf about this car. it might not be reliable for her as a daily driver but i can just give her my se-r and not turbocharge mine. ill get back to ya bro. thanks.

BTW - Brian's little boy has throw rocks into my pond on various occasions.

I will provide one of the rocks to the buyer if they stop by the house.

what the hell was that about?
Does the car look like the pics or is it all primered now?

Thanks James
Partly primer. Has different wheels, 17" motegei wheels.

Let me know, priced to sell fast.
91REDSE-R said:
Does the car look like the pics or is it all primered now?

Thanks James
Call me and come take a look at it. Im near indiana,

859 746 2859

Bump still for sale.
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