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Lots of pics at:

I added one scratch to the tailgate and a minor dent in the rear bumper, both of which are getting fixed before selling it.

Love the thing but its got to go.

I've put about 20+ thousand miles on it since last Juliy, its got 8x,xxx miles on it now. It runs GREAT, gets great mileage, and can EASILY tow an NX/G20/200sx.

The 4x4 recently stopped working, it was never used (we bought the car in downtown NY guy drove a LOT to and from work, never used 4x4 and the automatic hubs gave out). But I repaired it...

So the car has:
DEI Remote start
Clarion VRX610 Motorized in-dash TV (intergrated into the factory head unit, you hit a switch on the dash and it cuts over to the aux input on the factory headunit, very nice).
Warn Manual locking hubs (much better than the auto hubs that were on there)
And a class 3 hitch with 2" reciever/ball

Everything works PERFECT. The car had new tires installed when we bought it, they still look new and have 20k worth of highway miles (I never went off road or anything either. Since 4x4 didn't work this winter it wasn't out in the snow/salt either. Also, its the SE model, so it has power windows/door locks

The truck is immaculate, no one can believe its a 2000....

I'm looking for around 16,000 or best offer.

These are pretty hard to find, trust me, we flew to NY to get ours :)

Now for the "why are you selling it?"

I'm getting divorced :-(


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I have a 2000 Frontier V6 also and it is a great truck. It can DEFIANTELY haul a Se-r or the such without a problem. This isn't a bad deal guys so jump on it.
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