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Hey guys, tell your VW buddies. I also posted this on VWVortex.



$8,000 with mods
$7,000 stock

108,500 miles

My wife and I leased a blue on black 01 Wolfsburg back in 2001 and liked it so much that I bought this one as a daily driver in August 2006 with 106,000 miles, and went nuts buying mods, which was something I was never able to do when we leased one.

It took a while to find this color combo, since most of them came with tan interiors, not to mention the fact that it has heated seats which are the bomb, and I'm going to miss very much.

Engine runs great - turbo boosts fine. Interior is clean. Car definitely needs a good waxing, which I suck at. I'd actually rather spend a few hours cleaning an engine bay than wax a car. I have an opportunity to buy a car I've wanted for a while now, so the Wolfsburg is up for sale allot sooner than I thought it would be.

Timing belt replaced at 90k
Tires have loads of tread

I've done the following maintenance since buying the car
- Secondary air pump rivets fixed (and CEL cleared with VAG COM)
- Tune up 2000 miles ago with:
- Air filter, cabin filter & oil change with Syntec oil & Mann oil filter (under 2000 miles)
- NGK BKR7E plugs
- ECS magnetic drain plug
- Brand new front wheel bearings, ball joints and tie rod ends (under 100 miles)
- Perfect 337 floormats
- NO check engine codes

The following mods were installed by me at 106,000 miles or later.

Any or all can be uninstalled and replaced with the original parts to your desire and the sale price will be adjusted.

* 42dd gauge panel with VDO OP, OT, Boost gauges & New South LED's
* Forge recirc valve with upgraded yellow spring. Freshly rebuild with new Forge piston, seals and grease.
* Revo BT ECU with new Bosch 4bar FPR (I also have the original ECU)
* Revo SPS3

* Low mile 2004.5 GLI spring/strut assemblies (rears not installed yet)
* 2004.5 GLI headlights (genuine VW & perfect)
* Fog light harness (made by forum member Chase1974, awesome piece)
* Genuine VW Euroswitch
* Rear fog with ECS wire kit
* Sony CDX-F605X Head Unit (wired with proper harness, no wires cut)
* Sony XA-110IP Ipod integration adapter
* Knukonceptz Karma Kable 2 Channel RCA Kable 4M for sub
Stock Monsoon head unit & add-on VW cd player will be included, or I can remove the Sony & reinstall the stock parts

With the above mods, I'm pricing the car at $8,000
With no mods, and all the stock parts back on $7,000

*I also have the following mods available which haven't been installed*
- New in box 42dd 3" turbo back street system (w/cat) with turndown tips
*Here's a picture of the system from 42dd's website

- GLi 2004.5 sport steering wheel - 3 spoke with perforated leather
- New Bentley manual
- New 20ae pedals (clutch, gas, brake. No dead pedal)
- VW Winter mats
- W8 sunroof console
- 2 remote fobs (need to be cut & programmed), I only have the valet key for the car
- Injen CAI with filter
- ECS Alternator, Crank and Power steering pulleys

Also available is a set of very low mile Blizzaks on steelies which I bought new from Tire Rack and ran on my 03 GTi for 2 winters.

Here are some current pics

Here are the pics from when I bought it last year, and 2,500 miles ago.

My cell number is 631-793-3394 and I'll be glad to answer any questions about the car.

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