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The Sentra will be powered by a 2000 shaft horsepower ceramic turbine engine.
It will have over 3000 yard/tons of torque and a CVT transmission with over 5
gazillion possible ratios. It will have a negative drag coefficient that will
suck it forward, even when not powered and will have 21 piston brakes with
33" rotors that will stop from 800mph in 2 feet. It will subsequently be
banned from Formula 1 racing due to its unfair advantage over the competition
and will cost only $50 in food stamps. It will seat 35, feed an army of
baboons for 8 weeks straight, make no harmful emissions, and will fit inside
a pocket book just like Gearge Jetson's suitcase rocket. It will get dates
for even the ugliest man. It will end racism, bring back the dinosaurs and
usher mankind into a new era will he will gain telepathy, telekinesis and
ESP. The Sentra will allow instantaneous flights to Mars that even a child
can afford. Domestic violence and bank robberies will become a distant
memory. Chivalry will return. God will relin
quish his powers to the human race in exchange for an SE-R and Nissan will
contruct a bag of Pop Rocks so huge that it will eventually fall into the
ocean and destroy the surface world. The SE-R will be the only survivor of
this cataclism, it will cannabalize and rape the deceased domestic cars of
their spare parts and use them to evolve into a mechorganic life form and it
shall inherit the Earth, invade other solar systems, and burn the new Nissan
logo into the moon in letters the size of Texas, the new World capital of
Skyline Rock, formerly known as Earth. Eventually, an uprising by subjugated
300ZXs and Silvias will form to overthrow their SE-R masters, who will become
second class citizens in their own society. Alien forces will eventually
develop a virus that corrodes Nissan ECUs and the reign of the SE-R kingdom
will fall after a breif 4 million year rule of the internal galaxies.

- MikeYox from ClubSi

'98 Sentra SE(R)
Hotshot G3 Header, Hotshot CAI, JWT s4 Cams, Timing @ 19, KYB AGXs, Eibach Sportlines, Courtesy F&R STB's, ES Mounts, MOMO Shifter, Nis-Knacks chrome projector headlights and clear corners, 205/50/ Pirelli P700Z's

15.454 @ 88mph at Englishtown, NJ - stock cams

14's this season
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