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2002 SR20 G20 Hi pressure AC hose prob HOW CAN I FIX?? Summer is HOT!

I have a 02 G20 Sport and the hi pressure AC hose took a sh!t on me and leaked/s the freon from this hose on both sides (condenser side and compressor side) I do not think the hose is damaged (I hope). But freon is leaking from both ends...

Is there a gasket or o-ring set that can be purchased to remedy this or is the whole "hose" have to be replaced??

Can you guys direct me where to buy a new one (set of O-rings/gaskets) or whole hi pressure AC hose set that isn't going to burn a hole in my pocket??

Thanks to all who help a sr20ist out.

P.S. I am in Phoenix, AZ it's starting to get FREAKIN HOT!!!!
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