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The problems I am having.

Electrical: The sr20ve VVL 20V has a unique wiring harness, not at all compatible with the harness that comes in a 200sx. So my plan is to swap the engine harness to a B14 SE-R harness...

If I do this, I will have to get rid of the individual coil packs on the head and go with a standard distributor.

Also the throttle body is HUGE (need to measure) and electronically servo actuated. Car has cable throttle. So I need to find throttle body that will fit and have the correct electrical hookups.

I would also need to get a reprogrammed computer.

Mechanical. The 6 speed tranny that mates with the sr20ve VVL 20V will not fit in the 200 sx. So I'm getting a welded cased 5 sp with a limited slip diff... Also need to switch the engine mounts. And possibly the shifter linkage tubes because they need to be shorter (rumor has it).

Does anyone have any tips for me with regards to the electrical?

I cannot find an SE-r B14 Harness to save my life.

My other idea that was shot down by an "expert" I was told putting in an electronic throttle and using the sr20ve VVL 20V engine harness and then rewiring under the hood and dash with a primera harness is a nightmare. I can get a primera harness and electronic pedal however! I have the sr20ve VVL 20V computer so thats not a problem. anyone know why rewiring to a primera harness will not work out?

By the way, I am racing this, so I have no need for anything in the car but a speedo, tach and fuel oil pressure and other add-ons. If that makes a difference.
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