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200sx se-r TURBO suggestions

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I am new to this forum and am here on behalf of my brother. He owns a '95 200sx se-r (which I told him to buy) and after riding with me in my '87 Mazda RX-7 TII he has gone turbo jealous.

He says he is interested in turbocharging his car. I am just doing some research and what not into the subject. My biggest question is what do you guys (people with 200sx w/ turbos) recommend, swapping or turboing the sr20de. What would be cheaper/easier? My brother, father and I would be doing the work and I have plenty of experience with imports (have owned and worked on '87 rx-7, '89 240sx, and an '86 corolla gt-s) and have also done a turbo install into a '96 Integra LS, and have helped with sr20det swaps into 240s. So the difficulty of work is not my main concern, cost mostly is. Would it be cheaper to buy a BB or GTiR engine and swap it into the 200sx, or would it be better just to turbo the car he already has??

Most of the kits available on the market seem to be super expensive. Maybe I haven't looked at all the kits available, but pricing seems to be 3000-4000+ for a kit. When I saw those prices I told my brother it would probably be cheaper just to get a BB or GTiR engine and swap it in. SO would the swap be cheaper???, how difficult is the compared to a sr20det into a s13 or s14? How difficult is just turboing?? harder or easier than the integra?? It seems to me the cheapest and easiest way to go would to source a turbo kit part by part and go that route.

Any input or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone is selling a BB or GTiR engine or a turbo set-up e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks and sorry about the long thread.

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It really depends on how much power he wants. If he wants to stick with pump gas, the easiest thing to do is get a tubro/manifold setup off of either a Bluebird/Avenir DET with t25 or GTi-R mani w/ t28, 370cc injectors, Jim Wolf Technology(JWT) S3 cams, JWT Ecu (reprogrammed nissan ecu for whatever setup you want), bigger MAF, fuel pump, and you'll be good for 250-280whp. You can get most of these things used (Andreas Miko sells a lot of stuff). If you have the extra dough, you could splurge for the Garrett GT28RS Disco Potato turbo..... insane spoolup. Started with some Nissan guys using it, now the Audi guys are using it, and it's coming with turbo kits now too for civics.

If he wants more power on pump gas, he'll have to go DET for the lower compression. It's generally recommended to avoid the GTi-R due to parts availability (or lack thereof). Um... tons of info on this forum, and

If you guys stick to the stock motor, the only slightly tricky thing to do is drill and tap the block. Tons of info on that. Check out jgycustoms for some parts. Also, Hotshot makes an IC kit that'll bolt right up if you don't feel like making your own piping. Um, tons of info on this forum.... try searching under turbo setups, etc.
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sorry i didn't specify earlier. I suppose the HP goal would be 200+ but certainly not shooting for more than 250, planning on running probably piss 91 octane or 92, (93 if they sell it in this town). Plans would be for probably less than 10 pounds of boost. (if thats not enough than its his wallet)
Nothing radical, still streetable and somewhat reliable. (oxymoron?? more power and reliable...)

Would the JWT s3 cams be necessary, or would those be recommended for 250+hp. Could you use the stock cams with a turbo setup??

Tapping the engine for an oil feed is certainly the thing i am most eerie of. I guess I am not that comfortable drilling into an engine block, i will leave that for my dad.

I guess my main question is what would be most cost effective. I know turboing a car is expensive, I just thought the turbo kits available for the car were too expensive. Could a t25/t28 setup with an intecooler be done for 2000-2500??

I have definately heard of the Disco Potato turbo and it is one bad ass piece of hardware, that might be too expensive for this project though.

Another question I forgot to ask earlier is where is a good place to get a bumber for the 200sx. My brother had an unfortunate accident, very slight damage to the bumber but it needs to be replaced. Either with a stock one or something nice and not too ricey, lol.

Thanks for the input.

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Piece together a T25 or T28 kit. Or check out site nad he lists everything needed to turbo a DE. I made 200whp and 205wtq on 7 psi in my Bluebird swapped 200sx. A T25 on a DE will yield higher numbers by about 20whp or so.
Junk yards are the best for a bumper. it is probably easiest and cheapest to make your own t25/t28 setup. here is a rough price estimate:
turbo, manifold, & J-pipe - $650
Injectors - $100
intercooler - $200
Piping & oil lines -$200
gauges - $150
JWT ECU - $600
Downpipe/Exhaust - $350
clutch - $300
tranny fluid/resurface flywheel - $50
motor mounts/relocate battery - $100
couplers, paint, fittings, RTV sealant -$100

Grand total $2800. This just about covers everything. i would say that about $2000 of the list is "turbo kit" products.
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cams aren't necessary, but they make the motor a lot more fun :) they'll probably add about 20-30whp over the stock cams in turbo'd tune. But if all you want to 200+, that's cake even without the cams.

t25, 370cc injectors, JWT ecu and you're good to go. You can still use the stock MAF and fuel pump at this point... though upgrading the pump would be advisable. The only prob with the Blue bird manifold and t25 is you can't upgrade just the turbo. With the GTi-R manifold, you can upgrade to the DP turbo no probs. With the BB mani, a t28 or DP would hit the block.

I put my turbo on about 30-35k miles ago and have 107k now. Been to the drag strip lots, a handful of auto-xs, some road course work, and driven over 1000miles straight (15-16 hours) around 4-5 times and a handful of 200-400 mile trips in there. Averaged 28-32 on the highway, get 23-25 in town. This is with the t25. The thing starts spooling at around 2k and it'll be at full boost by 2800-3000rpms. Very driveable. If I did it again, I probably would've gone GTi-R and t28 though, t25 chokes hard up top. t28 is good for probably 20-30whp more than the t25.

Drilling and tapping the block is easy, just drop the oil pans and you can see everything that you're doing.
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oh yeah, you'll need a new clutch and ES motor mount inserts. The tranny is the weak spot of our car. I've had absolutely no probs using ACT heavy duty pressure plate and street disk; holds the power no prob. Don't go crazy like an unsprung 6-puck or something as that'll transfer more shock to the tranny and blow gears up.
Thanks for all the input guys. Seems like turbo'ing the 200sx se-r shouldn't be much of a problem at all. I have a few questions yet though. Some people have suggested that new motor mounts be purchased and installed along with the turbo. Why is this?? Are the stock motor mounts too weak? Also can you run the stock maf with a t25/t28 setup? The turbos have internal wastegates right?? if yes, what is the stock wastegate spring psi set at??

Thanks for all the input guys.

The motor mounts take some of the strain off the tranny. most of our mm are torn or ripped after 75xxx so its a good idea to change them anyway. check the classified section for other people selling their turbo setups along with the t25 has internal wastegate at 7 psi. a simple boost controler will take care of that. as far as drilling the block nissan was kind enough to leave the det spot in the casting so you just have to drill it out and tap it.
Yes you can run the stock MAF but if higher HP goals are in sight then you will need to bore the MAF or get a Cobra MAF as well as a few other choices. I have a T25 on my JDM DE and I have had no problem with it. Given that my motor is higher compression than a US DE I never run more than 10 pounds of boost. I start to detonate at 11. I run the stock fuel pump, stock MAF, stock cams, 370 cc injectors, JWT turbo programmed ECU, 9.? pound flywheel, ACT street/strip clutch, 3" downpipe and UR pullies. Ran the car once at the track and it runs a 13.65 at 102mph at stock 7psi. I would recommend to get you stuff from. He offers good equipment at reasonable prices.
turbo your DE, and if it blows, then just buy another low milage JDM sr20de for cheap.
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