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3" Exhaust/Test Pipe Combo for B14 SE-R

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I have a used 3" exhaust along with test pipe for sale. I got the exhaust used as part of a turbo package. It was fabbed up by a shop using 3" mandrel bends and a 3" resonator. I believe the exhaust is aluminized, but I'm not sure. It terminates in a 3" Magnaflow muffler which sounds awsome on a turbo car. It has a nice rumble at idle, and just rips when revved. I'm tossing in a 3" test pipe as well because the exhaust actually came from a 98 SE-R, so I had to have a longer test pipe made to make this work on my 97 SE-R. The test pipe is ceramic coated but I noticed when I took it down that the coating pelled and rusted a little. Not a big deal. 300+shipping for both
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Do you know if this would work on my SE-L? Or what would I have to do to make this work? And this is from downpipe back?
I'm not sure if this will work on an se-l. If the application for a 2-dr is the same as a 4-dr, then it will work. You'll have to verify this as I don't want to be responsible for selling you an exhaust that won't work on your car. For pics, leave an email address where i can send them. Thanks
I don't need to bump this, but I just wanted to say that I have a 3" with a magnaflow muffler and I think that it sounds absolutely sweet.
I'll take pics of the exhaust on Tuesday and send them out to all of you who have requested them. Thanks
pics [email protected]

Richard Casillas
Pics sent
New price: $250+shipping
Turbo back? Cat-back? Flanged for what type turbo?
It is from the downpipe back. It replaces the cat and the rest of the exhaust from that point on.
Pmed you. please get back to me on this.
Pics to [email protected] please.
I would like to have pics as well You have a 97 you said correct? So it should fit on my 95 200sx se-r
please send pics to [email protected]
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