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I've got my 1992 240sx up for sale. No trades. It's got a fresh ca18det swap completed in Feb 2007 and was dynoed at 299.87whp, 247ft/lbs @ 15psi with the original T25 upgraded to a Precision GT3071R dual bb turbo. I basically dyno tuned it up to the maximum I thought was safe for stock the internal then backed it off a little to 10psi and check the tune there also. I bought the complete 180sx front clip from nad auto and I have the recepit. The car is currently set at 10psi which generates 235whp, 211ft/lbs. The torque peaks at 5400rpm and the power at 6400 then stays nearly flat all the way to redline. Bigger cams, tubular exhaust manifold and upgrading the rod bolts would allow you to rev to 8500rpm and spool the turbo quicker than the current 3800rpm for maximum boost. Alltogether about a $800 investment.

vin # JN1MS34P2NW101102
Title: CLEAR

Here are the details:


I bought the car from a friend of mine in NJ with 159000miles on the chassis and a built KA that wasnt running well. The shell and chassis have little to no rust. The fenders on the swap where in better condition than the original so I swapped them. The original white trunk had rust around where the spoiler mounted, so I replace it with a clean black trunk I found at a local junk yard. The ka finally blew and I bought a clean low mileage 180sx front clip with 87000km(54000miles) from Nad Auto Distributors here in Atlanta. The swap was completed in Feb and since then I've put about 700miles on the motor. I did all the wiring, none of the harnesses where cut. Instead I made my own custom plug and play harnesses.


JDM CA18DET, iron block, aluminum head, 16 valves, 8.5:1 CR
NGK spark plugs
stock top feed 370cc injectors
Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Gel filled fuel pressure gauge under hood
stock variable intake with bored TB opening
stock intake box with K&N high flow filter (cooler intake charge air)
ka24e Throttle body
stock exhaust manifold
Precision GT3071R Turbo, Dual ball bearing CHRA with Oil and Water connected
HKS Wastegate actuator (tensioned to 15psi max)
Prototype heavy duty actuator mount
Braided SS Oil feed line with 0.035" restrictor
GM Waste Spark Ignition and Coil packs. I'm also including the oem ignitor and 4 coil packs in case you want to run the oem ignition.
31x4x6 FMIC
Greddy type S blow off valve (extra Sheep dog BOV included)
14" Electric Fan with custom aluminum mount, very sturdy.

JDM 5 speed transmission
ka24de Performance sprung 6 puck clutch


SS Autochrome fortified 3" O2 pipe
3" Downpipe from Top Hat Performance
Custom 3" Full exhaust with test-pipe
5" tip HKS Muffler

Fuel/ Engine Management

Custom DynoTuned socketed ECU (Tuned at Red Star Performance, GA)
Speed limit removed, 7700rpm rev limit, Hotter coil spark
Tuneable SST27SF512 eeprom.
N60 80mm MAFS - Good for up to 325rwhp
Walbro 255 lph high flow fuel pump

Stock ca18det MAF sensor, eprom for stock MAF

Lowered Suspension, uprated struts (Not sure about brand, fronts came off the clip)
Fronts struts w/ pillow ball adjustment
Front and rear strut braces
oem open diff

Wheels/ Tires:

4 lug 17" Wheels with 205/35/R17 Tires and 25mm spacer front, 32mm spacer rear

JDM Cluster (modified and calibrated to mph with 180mph resolution, 9000rpm tach)
Autometer boost gauge
Autometer Oil pressure gauge
Battery relocated to trunk
oem spare tire

White/ Black with full body kit unpainted. JDM front turn signals, jdm front side markers

The bad:

No CAT. A/C needs charging. Driver's seat is worn. Dashboard has a crack. Needs new tires. The interior carpet needs cleaning. Needs a paint job and lite body work for scratches, small dings. I'll charge the A/C, get new tires and do a 4 wheel alignment as part of the deal.

$6000 or $5700 w/o wheels


Here's a video with a drag 1.8 around the middle of playback



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bump for this awesome ride that has a lot of potential. i wish u would consider a trade

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bump for this awesome ride that has a lot of potential. i wish u would consider a trade
Well, I want to use the money from this to help with the deposit for my new car. Otherwise, I'd keep the car and trade it when I got the bug for a new project.
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