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53j 3l?

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Hey fellas, this is my first post. So background info on me goes like this: I'm 18, I've loved cars my whole life. I have a 84 Volvo 760 turbo project and a 93 G20 that i daily drive.

The G20 has a JDM or UKDM motor with >35k on it. It was sold to me as a "high compression" motor, which I assume means 10:1, right? So i get on here and check out this post: (great post btw) and i find my engine listed under "unknown." My question is, has anyone resolved the mystery of 53J 3L? The reason I ask is that I want to advance the timing, and Im curious if a 10:1 motor can run the 19* BTDC that a 9.5:1 can without pinging. This is of course assuming premium gas.

Im a noob, so play nice.
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Sorry to bring up an old thread but I aslo have the same question. My engine is a jdm engine with the same 53j 3l casting on the head. The head also has a circle with a 3 and a slash through it. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
sorry to say guys but that engine is a jdm 9.5:1 i just did some (INTERNAL) work to mine ...thats the same code that was on mine ,they come with the black in the spark plug valley. the pistons has a dish on them.
Oh damn, well my valvecover was a solid color but it has the same casting. That is what I suspected that it was a 9:5:1.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but upon placing a ve head on my car, guess what I saw? 10:! pistons, great!!!

Not really, I had to swap out the pistons to be able to use the ve head :(
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