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It really depends on the car, to tell you the truth. As you know, turbo cars are all about top end. Just compare MPH numbers from a turbo car and a NA car running the same e.t.

The turbo car always has more mph.

Use my (nitrous) car as an example: I've cut a 1.98 60-ft time, yet only run 8.95 in the eighth mile. Your turbo car probably runs in the mid 8s in the 1/8 mile to get a 12.8x time slip. My nitrous comes on (usually) at the 40-60 ft mark, depending on the track. My 'slower' car is faster than yours, at least in 60-ft times. Your turbo does all its business at the top end.

That being're basically launching your turbo car as a NA car, until boost comes up. By then, you're probably at or past the 60-ft lights. Most cars are. improve the 60-ft times on your turbo car, you need to approach it from a NA standpoint. What makes a NA car launch quicker is what will make yours launch quicker, IMHO. Playing with the revs....cams....slicks/tires and their 'stickiness' .... will all help.

To answer your original question: With a turbo car, the e.t. improvements *could* be even better than the NA rules of thumb you mentioned in your post of .2 to .3 improvement.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I'm probably wrong
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