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The guys at Rosen Autosport told me that the tolerances were so tight on the SR20DE that it is very difficult to rebuild. It's much easier and cheaper really just to get a used low mileage one.

Anyone rebuild one lately?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AutoSE-R:
How much does it cost to have an engine rebuilt. Any suggestions?

Well, first tell us exactly what is wrong wiht your engine that it needs a rebuild, and we may be able to help you better. Hell, you may not even need a rebuild!

Ryan Walsh, 1997 200sx SE-R w/ ES mounts, JWT s4's, AEBS 4-1, PR CAI, Sportlines/AGX's, Bridgestone re730's, Stillen GTR grill

I recently had my 92 Sentra Se-R engine completely "longblocked" from the bottom up bored over .020
I didn't do any of the labor.
total cost for this incl. Remove/install engine, and a new clutch installed at the same time, was about $3000.00 !!!

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