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91 Crx Si

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My dad is selling his car. Its a 91' crx si 5sp. Its black. 181k on it. Runs perfect and everything works on it.
The car has a new paint job, 16'' rims and tires. If you need more info please pm me.
Make offers. I have plenty of pics...serious buyers only.
Its a super clean car....
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$3500 obo is kind of alot....IMO anyway. Someone could spend at least $500 more for a nice b16 crx si.
I changed the post.....make offers if interested. I dont know what that car goes for so I just put it up for him....
yeah my friend is selling his 91 civic hatch back EF modle, with a B16 skunk2 head package i think and all blot on's no rust or any body probleys sypention and all for 4,500 i think
everything depends on location. A crx si can go from $500-5000. And I am talking bone stock. So good luck with your sale. I will give you $500 for it (hopefully you find a better offer but if you dont that is all I got to spend) and I will get you a radiator for your car!
LOL......500 bucks for that car is crazy man.....Have you seen it?? This is so funny.......
THat was about as low ball as I have ever gotten myself to be! please strike that from the records! LOL
well post the pics man if you want people to see what it is wroth
I fixed it.....Now the pic is showing up.....I have more pics also.......Let me know wassup......
Thanks price....$2800.00 obo
2,000 yo guy check out how many miles are on that thing.
If that car is rust-free and mostly original, you can easily get $3000+ for it, despite the milage. Those cars are in high demand as it is a highly competitive car in many classes in both SCCA Solo and Road Race competition. It would be especially desirable if it were an '89 model as that year was slightly lighter and thus the first choice of club racers. You should post it for sale on someplace where club racers and autoXers will see it like on Also try the classifieds on You'll get much more interest.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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