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Well you saw the SCC article and heard the controversy of putting a 98 cam
in a 91 head, well we have it the correct way done this past weekend.

Some background: Eric Waterman put a 91-93 intake cam in his 96 SE-R and his
GF's 97 SE-R and an immediate ~9hp and ~6ft-lbs in both cars. No timing
changes, no ECU resets. No loss of low end hp or torque. Here is his dyno
chart showing the changes:

He actually gained throughout the entire powerband. As you will see when I
get to scan the dyno chart in later today, I LOST hp and torque all below
5200RPM right upto the point where the hp and torque lines cross, then I
gain like 2hp and 2ft-lbs thru the rest of the band. We tried setting the
timing down to 17 from 20 degrees and resetting the ECU. Didn't help. Still
the same thing.

The 91 intake cam I got had over 100k miles on it I think, but as Jordan
White and Ray Kawski can attest to, the cam was in perfect shape. (bought it
off Jordan btw)

Anyone have a clue why I lost that power below 5200 and then only gained 2
hp ant 2 ft-lbs above it? I *really* don't think I skipped a tooth on the
cam gear because the car runs smooth, I drove 350 miles back home and still
got great mileage, and it idles fine as ever.

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Here they are:
that's the first run with my stock cams. sweet :)
There's that some run compared with the one after the cam. Weird as hell,

Anybody have any inkling yet beside the "98 ECU is more advanced and does
more weird stuff than the 96 an 97 ones so it will take time for it to learn
to use the cams as compared to the 96 and 97 ones that showed up immediately
on the dyno."
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