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Its not mine, but i asked about it. It has been sitting for over a year, or so they told me. It is the dad's of the house but i believe he moved out of town or something, not sure. I have seen it sitting there for probably over 2 years now. It is a 91 or 92, the body is in pretty good shape. No dents or anything. Has minor rust spots like the front nissan emblem and the back around the spoiler. Interior is really nice. Odometer reads 9x,xxx, which is really good. They said they wanted 1000. I tried to turn it on and it wouldnt. Thought it was gas, so i bought and still nothing. It wants to start but it doesnt. I am not sure if it could be the alarm. The son of the dad that is selling the car, came out and touched something and now the alarm was working or something. So i put it a battery for the alarm remote and the remote light went on and everything but it wouldnt activate or deactivate the alarm. I am not really good with alarms, so i dont know the capabilities of them. Not sure if they can be wired to the fuel pump or something. But i offered them $500 and they said ok (without the sony xplod radio which they want $150 more for, and they already took it out). So the point is that i am not interested anymore and just checking to see if anyone wants to hop on it. Not sure the address, but i'll get it later on today.
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