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I currently have my red 1991 SE-R for sale.

It is red with a 5spd, AC, and sunroof. It has been well maintained and the car is in very good condition inside and out. The oil has been changed every 3k miles using OEM filters. It has Falken ZE-512 tires with less than 3k miles and the A/C compressor was replaced with a new one about 5 months ago. The car runs great. It has 154k miles and has always been a Florida car so rust is not an issue.

Asking price $2250 OBO.

Pictures posted at:


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Shameless bump but I'll add some info since I've been asked about its history by a number of people by PM.

All the following maintenence items have been replaced (I have receipts). This car needs nothing. It has always been completely stock except for the ES motor mounts that were installed at around 110k miles.

On 2/05 @ 148,902 miles the following was done in addition to the new A/C compressor:

Front Main Seal

Radiator flushed

OEM battery terminals replaced

Coolant temp sensor


Water pump

Oil pressure switch

Valve cover gasket

Air filter (OEM)

NGK Spark plugs

Distributor cap

Ignition rotor

Fuel filter

Fuel injection hose

Upper radiator hose

Power steering hose (high pressure)
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