Good afternoon everyone. Today I'm (reluctantly) listing my '91 Nissan Sentra SE-R with a SR20DET from a U12 bluebird. The car is in overall 'ok' at best shape, but it runs, drives, and shifts great. I often catch american muscle off guard with it, much to their dismay, and embarrass them. The interior is in good shape(except the dashboard, more on that below) sans the headliner, which is unobtainium. I had plans to semi-restore this car by replacing everything I could still get my hands on (and pick up the rest, like a headliner) when I saw it come up for sale. Alas, here we are. This car comes with a bit of replacement/spare parts to make it kinda nice again. I'll list everything below.

First off, the car itself.
-Chassy has 204k miles.
-Engine is a SR20DET from a U12 bluebird.
-Stock SR20DE trans W/LSD
-Stock T25 turbo.
-Stock 370cc bluebird injectors.
-FMIC as seen in the pics from the front.
-New front control arms(mevotech)
-New front sway bar end links.
-New front sway bar bushings.
-New KYB front/rear struts.
-New KYB strut hardware (strut bearings, seats, etc etc)
-New Megan adjustable rear control arms.
-New rear sway bar bushings.
-New rear sway bar end links.
-New rear trailing arms(OEM).
-New drivers side axle(boot was torn).
-New spark plugs.
-Fresh oil and trans fluid.
-New thermostat (original was stuck open).
-New oil pressure sender(original was spewing oil).
-New JGY short shifter.
-Konig hypergrams, 15x7
-Falkin Azenis RT660(about 500 miles)

Now, all the parts that come with the car.
-Dashboard with one tiny crack(about 1/4 of an inch)
-BNIB engine and alternator wiring harness from JGY
-BNIB stock springs
-Used eibach springs
-BNIB OEM door belt mouldings
-BNIB OEM door weather seals
-BNIB EBC yellow pads(front and rear)
-BNIB AVS window shades
-Spare chipped ECU, just needs a tune(one in the car runs fine)
-OEM floor mats
-Engine gasket kit(I had planned on pulling the motor and resealing everything, it's not currently leaking any oil).
-Original wheels with good tires, including center caps.
-More I know I'm forgetting.

I'm only selling this car because recent events, and issues with the city has forced me to sell some of the vehicles I have parked on the street. I'm not really flexible on the price, however if you don't want the wheels/tires maybe we can talk about the price.

Thanks for looking!

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