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92 Accord EX w/ JDM H22 *REDUCED PRICE*

I'm sad to announce that the time has come to depart from my 1992 Honda Accord EX. This car has been my awesome daily driver for the last two years, as well as been part of several road trips, and has never gave me but one problem. Only reason it's for sale is because I'm buying a Toyota FJ, and just purchased my third SE-R as my new project car!

General Info:-1992 Honda Accord EX
-252,xxx miles on body
-8x,xxx miles on 1995 JDM H22A swap
-All EX features: P/W,P/L, P/M, moonroof, etc
-Charcoal Black w/ blue interior'
-JDM ambers and side markers

Let's start with "the bad..."
-Front passenger side window regulator needs to be replaced
-Front driver's side window felt needs to be replaced. Water drips into the door and onto the speaker.
-Looks like the car got a backyard paint job. Although it doesn't look all that bad.
-Needs an antenna
-belt squeak when first starting the car in the morning

Now for the GOOD/Mods:

-1995 JDM H22A swap w/ about 8x,xxx miles
-5-spd swap, no grinds!
-DC intake
-JDM header
-AC and P/S!!! Although one of the AC hard lines needs a bit of JB weld (see pictures).
-A diet of nothing but Mobil-1 oil and filter every 3000 miles.
-A diet of nothing but Chevron 91 octane
-MAJOR tune-up as of December 2006. OEM distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, PCV valve; NGK wires and iridium plugs; cleaned out TB and IACV
-New Battery
-eBay grounding kit
-ES front engine mount (not installed, but included)

Motor is running in very strong and smooth. Only used for a daily driver, and never been raced. I get about 400 miles off 15 gallons with 50 city/50 hwy driving!

-Neuspeed Sport Springs
-KYB AGXs all around
-Type-X FSTB
-ES Sway bar bushings and end links
-15" Prelude wheels, 205/55/15 512s up front, 205/60/15 Nankangs in the back. Fronts are less than a year old, probably about 80%, backs are a bit older, 55%
-All four rotors and pads were replaced 11/06

This suspension is by far, one of the most comfortable street set-up's. Even with my AGX's set at 3f/7r, the ride is very nice. Fun to take out to the canyons as well.

-Brand Spankin' new Pioneer 2900 CD/MP3 player
-IPOD aux hook-up, with monster cable
-front speaker (see "the bad") is Pioneer 180w 3-way 6 1/2; rear has Pioneer 220w 4-ways
-1500w 2 ch. Power Acoustic Amplifier
-15" 1000w Punch Sub and enclosed box
-Hugfen 2.0 cap with distribution block
-Hornet alarm w/ keyless entry

This set-up bumps! As previously mentioned, there's only one speaker up front on the pass side door because the driver's side door has the leak.

-Grant steering wheel
-Polished shift knob
-Very clean! No tears, cracks on dashboard, etc.

-inner and outer tie rods were replaced 11/06
-driver's side bearings and spindle replaced 10/06

PLUS, whomever purchases the car will also get a LARGE assortment of parts, including everything on this thread, along with a stock air box, driver's side headlight, stock steering wheel with airbag, and some other small misc. parts I have laying around. A full-size Accord EX spare will also be included.

As stated, the car is in really good shape for a 250,xxx mile vehicle. Although it could use paint, the body is very straight, except for very minor dings most 14 year old cars have. The car has been kept clean and well maintained. I'm looking to get $2800, but am completely open to all reasonable offers.

Pictures can be viewed at If prompted for a password, the password is "accept."

Please contact me directly to my email at [email protected] if interested or for more info.


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You need a passowrd to view that website....sounds nice though

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I provided the password "accept" in my post.

I also forgot to mention that I would also be willing to take some SR20 parts as credit.

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Someone buy this so I can proceed with my B13!!

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Price has been reduced to $2500!

My tuition is past due, so the car needs to go now!
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