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92 talon awd for sale and 90 awd eclipse

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My friend is selling both of his dsms to buy a nissan.

92 blue awd talon $7000.00obo trades may be considered located in WI

agp L1R turbo (new) for turbo specs.
-quick spool 430 hp capable, dual ball bearing center section
steel braided feed line with 7 micron oil filter (new)
2nd gen ported exhust manifold and o2 housing (new)
3in buschur turbo back exhaust
3.5in LS1 maf
maf translator
custom 2.5in intake pipe
turbo xs RFL BOV
custom hardpiping
spearco bar and plate large, same as indy race cores 1 (See pics)
680cc injectors
apexi saf-c
walbro 255 fuel pump
autopower 4 point cage
new shocks with eibach pro kit springs
road race engineering lightened flywheel
act extreme clutch
road race engineering short throw shifter
gutted interior(interior available)
autometer boost gauge in a pillar
apexi indiglo 2 7/8in egt gauge
turbo xs dual stage boost controller
apexi turbo timer
new radiator
new spal fan not installed
new rear brakes calipers,rotors,pads, 1 spare back set of pads
ebc green fr pads
x-drilled front rotors
alpine cd player (new)
Rebuilt transmission and transfer case
stock turbo wheels powder coated black w/ potenza tires 50% tread left
17in konigs also powder coated no tires

Pics go to

Very well maintained, mobil 1 every 2500 miles, no rust, no mechanical problems, body is in vey good shape. 105,301 miles on car

90 mitsubishi eclipse gsx bluish purple 3500.00obo

New head
new valves
new timing belt
new head gasket
new brakes front and rear calipers,pads,rotors
k&n filter with modified maf
new shifter bushings
new radiator
new radiator hoses
new thermostat
new tires Blizzacks
autometer boost and egt gauge in a pillar egt not installed
walbro 255 fuel pump not installed
no radio
newer paint
stock wheels
141,700 miles
Runs great, mobil 1 evey oil change, body in good shape

No pics available yet
Just send me a pm or email if your interested.
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someone buy some dsms so he can get a nissan
if ya had pics of the 90 i would be intrested, and also tho's prices are very steap, for me being a former owner of 2 awd dsm's so far.
he drives that 92 over here to miami an ill str8 up trade him for my b13 se-r with turbo kit.
Hey danny you got some pics and or specs of your ride?

Its a pretty good price considering last week he just spen over $1000.00 on the new brakes. And another 1000.00 or so for parts and labor on the head, head gasket valves, valve seals and guides. It also says OBO so he can negotiate somewhat. Its in very good shape for its year.

Thanks for looking
1992 sentra se-r 88 k on it UR PULLEYS, PS HEADERS, HOT SHOT WAI,GREDDY SP Exhaust,tsuru headlights an grill,jdm headlights an grill, upper front sturt bar,goodridge steel brake lines (not installed),98 avenir turbo kit (not installed), 370's, 480's injectors,oil line steel braided, water line crap,new ps pump,water pump,belts A/c doesnt work due to no r12, energy suspension front motor mount insert,99 se-l stocks
bought it off the first owner since he died. has pop up sunroof, kyb shocks for the front (not installed) car doesnt give me trouble what so ever. interior i mint cept i am a SMOKER. 94 g20 ecu, and 2 other stock ecu's , new o2 sensor not installed .. its on turbo.... flushed radiator, regularly maintained oil changes

has kameleon cd player the speakers are stock shitty ones. pics can be seen here...

if your friend is interested an really wants it soon ill give him every fukin nissan **** i have.
here's a pic of the 90 eclipse
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is he interested or not?
I am gonna show him all of the stuff you said tonight or tomorrow.

alright man im gonna sell the car... fuk it good luck to your friend
Sorry, he said that you are to far away for him to take it there. Good luck selling your car.

The 92 will also have a fully rebuilt trans and transfer case shortly. These are still for sale.

would your buddy trade for a 91 integra gs (automatic) for the 90 eclipse? here's how the integra looks like
I'm going to agree with one of the first posts that those prices are a bit steep. The '90 GSX isn't too high in price, but that '92 TSi AWD is quite high for its mods. For a $7k DSM, I would expect it to be running high 11's, and I doubt that would be too possible with that setup.
price is way to steep... but it can run 11's TRuST me. if he puts a 75 shot an puts the s-afc on 50% on the high map hes riding out like clint eastwood. this is on the notion that its not on stock injectors an is @ 17 psi.
Ah didn't see the 17PSI. Its just that it says that turbo is rated for 430HP.. 430HP, if that turbo is set that high, would be in the mid to upper 11's I suppose.

Still, for 100k and almost 150k, prices are high.
If you saw what kind of condition both of the cars are in inside and out you would understand why they are a little steep. He bought the talon last year for 5500, and put about 6000.00 worth of parts on it this year. Its easily a low 11 second car, and i have seen a car with a similar set up do a 10.8 with slicks and a 75 shot. It has 680cc injectors as stated at the top. All it needs is tuning, the turbo is easily capable of 25psi. The body is damn near mint i dont think i could find more than a couple of dings that are almost un noticable. The paint is very smooth and the car is waxed regularly. He works at a body shop, and both he and i detailed cars for many years, and keep our cars clean at all times.

The L1R is not a full drag race turbo anyway it is more for all around power, the boost comes on very linear and quick, much like a sr20 with a good set of cams and a well matched t3/t4.

The 90 is a good value considering there was just 1000.00 spent on all new brakes, and 2000.00 spent having the head re worked(new valve seals,guides, head gasket, head studs, machining,new belts). The body on this car is the best i have seen on a 90, it is also very clean.

So before you critique these vehicles consider the money that is stuck into them and how well they were maintained. If your not interesed in either of them please dont bother posting. As stated the prices are negotiable.

Thanks,Jon(just stating facts sorry if i am coming off as rude) :cool:
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hes not gonna get what he put into it..
I bought my 1990 Plymouth Sundance for $1250. Since then (about 6 months ago) I've put about $1400 into it. I would *love* to get even $2000 for this car, but that's not gonna happen, so I'm trying to get rid of it for $1300.

My cousin's got a 1997 Talon TSi AWD that runs 11.38 (as of two years ago..he hasn't run it in the last two years because of some engine problems...he's hoping to hit 10's this year) and it has something like 485HP at the crank...he's a damn good driver too....were the 2nd gen DSM's heavier than the 1st gens?
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