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93 G20 not throwing codes.

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my 93 G20 will not fire up.
It cranks, and almost fires up, but NOTHING.

It sparks, it has fuel, the MAF is great. IM DYING!!

I WIERD thing is when I had the injectors out I tried to start it and it fired up for 3 seconds. :confused:

I tried to pull codes from the ECU by putting key in "ON" position and moving the "screwy thing" clockwise. HOWEVER, it is suppose to flash 3 times when I turn it clockwise BUT its not flashing AT ALL. IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING.

When I turn it counter-clockwise, the light comes on and just stays red.

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You might borrow an ECU from one of your Florida brethren and see what happens. I never had a startup problem but at one point I pulled my hair out for two months tracking down a nasty hesitation; replaced most air/engine management stuff on the car, only to try a borrowed ECU and have it run perfectly.
the only other thing i could think of is the crank or cam pos sensor, but you might want to try the comp first because of the info you have posted
So are all 3 of your cars dead now? ACK!!!!!!!!

What are you driving around?
NismoPC said:
So are all 3 of your cars dead now? ACK!!!!!!!!

What are you driving around?
Well. only 2 were dead.

The G20 and the LE. The SE-R remains strong!! I know have a 2004 Nissan Quest. :)

HOWEVER.......... all cars decided to work today. They have a mind of their own. :(
On some cars the check engine light will blink the codes instead of the LED light on the ECU. Watch the CEL when you check the codes next time.
Turn it clockwise, wait 2 seconds, then turn it counter clockwise. That will show the codes. The the same thing to put it back in normal mode. Also, the ECU out of your SE-R will work in the G20. If the G20 is an automatic, it won't drive though.
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