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93 NX2000, 63K original, $1375 FIRM

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As the title says I'm selling my black 1993 NX2000.

The good:
-only 63K original miles
-pw and locks
-runs drives great
-brand new battery
-clean title in hand
-completely original
-no 5th gear popout

The not so good:
-has exhaust leak
-needs a blower resistor
-the car was in a very, very, very minor fender bender. Dent in driver's fender, the headlight also got broken (but a I have a brand new Nissan one that is included), the fender edge of the hood also got slightly messed up.

I'm located in Minnesota very near the Mall of America and Airport. You could easily fly in and drive the car home anywhere. Also, I can deliver the car to you cheaply between Minneapolis, MN and Kansas City, MO

I want to sell this very fast, otherwise I may just keep it. NO LOWBALLERS, I"M FIRM ON THE PRICE!!!!

If interested, email me directly at: [email protected] I can send a few pics to those that are interested.

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Please send pictures to [email protected] ! Thank you
Pics sent.
pics please at [email protected] thank you
[email protected] pics for me also please!
pics to [email protected] please

I'll host them if you send them to me! :D
If you could get someone to host them for a little bit Jester it would save you some headache ;)

*edit* to late
send to marcusmarc to be hosted please! Or to me and I will host: elgabito at
Very serious about your NX. I am only 4 hrs. from you and can pick it up. Please send me pics.
[email protected]
[email protected]

If I like it, I'll paypal you 1375.00, just send the pics soon, you'll get paid faster....;)
very interested, pics to [email protected]
Everybody should have pics now. Please email me at the address in my original post for more info. It's difficult to keep track of everybody here.

Jess :cool:
Whomever buys the car has the option to buy an AEM Cai and JDM intake (with tb, injectors..etc) for a good price also.
I never got pics...

edit: I got em now:

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El Gabito, thanks for hosting the pics, it's much appreciated!!!
I looked the car over better as many of you have asked about the "rust factor". Zero rust under the doors and the rear shock tower areas are smooth glossy black :D
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