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Keeping this short and sweet. If interested ask for more. Lots of work done to this car, money was not an issue during the build.... For the folks that have been around for a while, this is the same set up (minus smaller turbo) as Chris Allen's on Sport Compact Car magazine September 2001 Volume 13

Bodywork: 4 coats of clear coat, shaved key hole on passenger side, removed molding (welded flat stock to fill void and painted) Folding mirrors
Engine: GTI-R fully built (brand new) port & polish head, Nissan gas filled valves, Pulsar turbo manifold (Cast, chopped and welded, ported heat treated) ported, Disco potato. This engine has THE best of everything, down to the blubird oil pan for best oil pick up. Motor Geometry is set and straight with axles
Transmission: Working 50 box with a 240sx aluminum flywheel and clutch (JWT) custom axle and mated to hubs.
Big brake kit: 6 piston willwoods 12 in rotor an 9 inch rear rotor
Advan series 1 wheels with two center caps.


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