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The chain tensioner is something that is easy to do on your own.
There are new oil tubes with slightly larger openings which would be a good thing to put in while your in there, especially for an auto G20. Does anybody know when the switch was made on the oil tubes??????????????????? (I dont think the 95 had the revised tubes, but I'm not sure)

Cap and rotor are only like $20 total. Wires and plugs are about $70. Then get a couple new gaskets for about $30. You can order these from Courtesy Nissan and tell them you are an SE-R listmember and you get a 25% discount off list. A lot of people here order from them. They also produce some aftermarket parts, like strut tower braces. I'm not a G20 owner, so I dont know if they produce ones for you or not.

If you wait a while you could attend a se-r gathering and probably get your cams installed for no charge by other owners. Just keep an eye on the events forum. Its not very hard but its reassuring to have someone there who has done it before.

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I owne a 95 Infiniti G20t automatic/all black
fully loaded stock. I have added a STILLEN header and intake along with a JIM WOLF ECU and GREDDY cat back exhaust. I have also purchased JWT S3 cams which I haven't installed yet. The G20 has not been the easiest car to have modified the US.Nissan/Infiniti car market has rendered this car to bastard status with most mods only available from Japanese and European vendors, like strut tower bars, sway bars,headlights etc. Though Stillen and JWT seem to cater to the SE-R as a hole the G20 collectivly doesn't draw much attention in the mod department. My car is also automatic and I don't ever remember reading about anyone even attempting to modify the G20. Out of all the SE-R'S the G20(because of added weight)really benefits from engine mods like headers, intakes and cams, without them the G20 is really slow. My car was in an accident back in AUG/00 and I was able to do a couple of exterior improvements. I had the car repainted black, but this time I had the stock chrome door handles painted to match the rest of my car. I left the chrome grill trim and also purchased a set of 99' Infiniti G20 stock rims with tires. I also used this time to replace the Bosal OEM replacement exhaust with the MX/TRUST/GREDDY performance exhaust. This was no simple bolt on part, I had to have the this system modified to fit at a local muffler dealer? yeah go figure. and though this system sounds nice, the muffler canister is so huge that you could cancell any plans of dropping your car. I also noticed that the ECU performed better with oem exhaust. The response was better and quicker. I'm looking to have the cams installed soon, although they came with instructions this in not an install for a novice mechanic. After speaking with a mechanic at the Infiniti dealer, he warned that there were other parts that would need to be replaced such as the tensioner and oil lines, and with that my car now has over 90,000 miles on it, so I have to consider my next tune that will include cap and rotor replacement along with oil filter and plugs. So right now I'm looking at spending at least $500.00 for a complete tune-up with cams. After this is done I would like to have my ride dynoed, just to see where my engine mods have taken me. Hey if you have a automatic SE-R that you are modifying hit me back at my E-mail address [email protected] I'm located in Hampton VA, where I have met no one who has had a SE-RIOUS interest in modifying there SE-R, so it would be good for me to swap some ideas on the subject.....Nigel.....OUT!

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